Learning Resources

Hello! I’m a SOC analyst and cybersecurity enthusiast. In my free time, I enjoy practicing on CTFs and writing up about them.

“While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experiences of others.” – Rick Warren


Hacker Loi – Cloud security & cybersecurity concepts

John Hammond – CTFs and Malware Analysis

Ippsec – Walkthroughs for CTFs and OSCP preparation

LiveOverflow – Advance cybersecurity content

David Bombal – Interviews with Cyber Security experts

NetworkChuck – Beginner friendly cybersecurity , networking and Linux content

HackerSploit – Cybersecurity tools and concepts

Conda – OSCP preparations and privilege escalation techniques

The Cyber Mentor – Full length Cyber Security courses

Josh Madakor – Cybersecurity & IT administration career advice content

Mikko Hypponen – Great presentation skills and entertaining keynote speeches.


Darknet Diaries – A must listen for all cybersecurity enthusiasts

MaliciousLife – Cybersecurity history

SecurityLah – Southeast Asia cybersecurity podcast

The Hacker Chronicles – A Cybersecurity based fiction story by tenable

Cybersecurity Techniques and Tutorials

HackTricks by Carlos Polop – A database of techniques to use in pentesting

xapax notes – Another source of techniques to use in pentesting

Basic Linux Privilege Escalation – Methods to gain access in Linux machines

OSCP Privilege Escalation Mind Map by C0nd4

Reverse Engineering For Everyone! by mytechnotalent – Assembly Tutorial

GTFOBins – Extremely useful resource to exploit binaries

Pentest Monkey – Reverse Shell cheat sheet

VirusTotal – Analyzes suspicious files, URLs, domains and IP

SQL Injection payload list – A list of SQL injection commands

CyberChefa web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis

Cross Site Scripting ( XSS ) Vulnerability Payload List

Platforms to learn Cybersecurity

HackTheBox – Platform for beginner to intermediate. Check out my walkthroughs here

TryHackMe – The best learning platform for beginners (IMO). Check out my walkthroughs here

Vulnhub – Downloadable vulnerable machines. Check out my walkthroughs here

LetsDefend – SOC training and blue team labs

OvertheWire – Beginner friendly Linux based practice

PicoCTF – Browser based CTF challenges

INE – eJPT certification labs and courses all free

Crackmes – My favorite platform to practice reverse engineering

Hacktoria – A beautifully crafted platform that has OSINT challenges cryptography

Malware Traffic Analysis – Great platform to learn about Wireshark analysis

Blue Team Labs Online – Blue team labs platform

Security Blue Team L1 – One of the best entry level blue team certification


Practical Malware Analysis – The bible for Malware Analysis. Check out my lab practice here

The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook – One of the best books for Web pentesting

Linux for Hackers – Good introductory book for Linux


The Hacker News – My number one source of worldwide hacks