Reverse Engineering : 1

Download and unzip the file (pw :

Use the file command determine what kind of file it is.

ELF is a common standard file format for executable files.

Execute the file.

Use the strings command to display printable strings in [file(s)] (stdin by default)

Start up Ghidra and analyze the file. Search for the main function in Symbol tree.

local_14 = input

iVarl = input will be save to this variable

validate_key = function use to check the right input

Let’s analyze the validate_key function.

param_1 = local_14 = input

0x4c7 (HEX) = 1223 (Decimal)

           return praram_1 % 1223 == 0;

Key will be 1223 , or any multiple of 1223 , or 0

Let’s test out the key.

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