Hacktoria : The Butcher

Contract : EASY

Download the Password File which contains a HEX code.

Head to Cyberchef which is a a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis.

Paste the HEX code into the input. And choose the FROM HEX option in the Operations tab.

The output will still not be readble.

It seems that the file is in another format.

Let’s try detecting the format.

Choose the Detect file format from the Operations tab again.

The file is in a mp3 format. Download the file.

Use a media player and we can hear the password for the link file. Enter the password to unzip the link file.

It will lead to a text file and a web address.

Head to the website and you will get your contract card!

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  1. The Butcher – Hacktoria

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