Hacktoria : Prisoner of War

Read the description clearly to find some clues of the hidden location.

We need to find the location of a nearby children’s hospital near the ambush area.

Let’s start with searching for “Posté de contrôle KAYES” in google maps.

Minimize the view and you can see a village near the ambushed area.

We can see a village nearby.

Let’s search for any children’s locations nearby. (*Tried searching for just children’s home but locations were really far away. So use “children” instead)

Found a likely location.

Let’s explore the photos.

Seems like a match.

  • Triangular vents
  • Pagoda
  • Metal doors

Now check the password with the name of the children’s home with the exact format given. (Took me some time for this)

The beautiful contract is fond in the link provided.

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