Hacktoria : Dialogues from Atlantis

We need to crack the code to find the contract.

let’s use Cyberchef.

We can see that it is a HEX code.

Seems there are multiple encoding techniques.

After some trial and error I manage to get something from ROT47.

The code looks familiar. I scrolled to the bottom and found the infamous base64 equal symbols.

And we got the ASCII text.

I copied the entire text into a word doc. I was thinking of using a python word wrangler but I decided to search for special characters and numbers.

I search for numbers starting form 1 and came across something unsual.

This looks like part of URL I often get from contracts. I tried searching again for https:// , bit and ly as these are usually the link to the contract card.

Couldn’t find http but I found bit and ly.

Found the contract card !

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