BTLO : Deep Blue

A Windows workstation was recently compromised, and evidence suggests it was an attack against internet-facing RDP, then Meterpreter was deployed to conduct ‘Actions on Objectives’. Can you verify these findings?

Using DeepBlueCLI, investigate the recovered Security log (Security.evtx). Which user account ran GoogleUpdate.exe?

Using DeepBlueCLI investigate the recovered Security.evtx log. At what time is there likely evidence of Meterpreter activity?

Using DeepBlueCLI investigate the recovered System.evtx log. What is the name of the suspicious service created?

Investigate the Security.evtx log in Event Viewer. Process creation is being audited (event ID 4688). Identify the malicious executable downloaded that was used to gain a Meterpreter reverse shell, between 10:30 and 10:50 AM on the 10th of April 2021.

It’s also believed that an additional account was created to ensure persistence between 11:25 AM and 11:40 AM on the 10th April 2021. What was the command line used to create this account?

What two local groups was this new account added to?

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