Cyber Security in the markets

Being an enthusiast and learner on cyber security and the financial markets its no stranger I gravitate towards cyber security stocks. Since my irrational investment in CISCO systems almost a decade back I decided to approach these companies with an analytical point of view. Cyber defense is vital in this era and no doubt we can see the presence of it during the pandemic. I have heavily invested in cyber security securities pre pandemic and will continue to do so. Furthermore with my learnings of cyber defense it makes it a lot easier to understand the products the companies are providing.

Cybersecurity ETF (BUG)

My thoughts and findings

  • Russia is known to be the number one APT in the hacking industry.
  • It would make most sense that companies will be ramping out their security measures to prevent any retaliation from NATO supporting countries.
  • Made a few good trades with Palo Alto , Fortinet and SentinalOne (which recently IPO)
  • **Blindly trading ZScaler ( a stock I do not own in the first place) and making a loss.

Palo Alto Networks – 5 YEARS

Palo Alto during the Russo-Ukraine conflict

Fortinet 5 YEARS

Fortinet during the Russo-Ukraine conflict

Zscaler – 5 YEARS

Zscaler during the Russo-Ukraine conflict


During the Russo-Ukraine conflict

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