Python For Finance

1 – Loading Financial Data

Import the following modules

from pandas_datareader import data as web
import datetime as dt
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib import style 
import mplfinance as mpf
import bs4 as bs
import requests 
import pickle 
import numpy as np

Set a datetime function

start = dt.datetime(2017,1,1)
end = dt.datetime(2019,1,1)

Define a data frame and load financial data into it from Yahoo Finance

df = web.get_data_yahoo('AAPL',start,end, interval='d')

Print the dataframe to show the data

Show just the close column

Show just the close column for a specific date

You can save the data to a csv or xlsx file with the following inputs.

2 – Graphical Visualization

Plot the Adjusted Close price with matplotlib

df['Adj Close'].plot()
APPL – 2017-2019

Plotting the graph with labels and styles

plt.ylabel('Adjusted Close')
plt.title('AAPL Share Price')
df['Adj Close'].plot()

Comparing stocks

visa = web.get_data_yahoo('V',start,end, interval='d')
mastercard = web.get_data_yahoo('MA',start,end, interval='d')
visa['Adj Close'].plot(label="V")
mastercard['Adj Close'].plot(label="MA")
plt.ylabel('Adjusted Close')
plt.title('Share Price')
plt.legend(loc='upper left')
apple = web.get_data_yahoo('AAPL',start,end, interval='d')
facebook = web.get_data_yahoo('FB',start,end, interval='d')
apple['Adj Close'].plot(label="AAPL")
facebook['Adj Close'].plot(label="FB")
plt.ylabel('Adjusted Close')
plt.title('Share Price')
plt.legend(loc='upper left')
There is drastic price difference and the graph does not give us any information


apple['Adj Close'].plot(color='blue')
plt.ylabel('Adjusted Close')
plt.title('AAPL Share Price')

apple['Adj Close'].plot()
plt.ylabel('Adjusted Close')
plt.title('Facebook Share Price')

Better picture now

3 – Candlestick Charts

Let’s set up a candlestick chart to further examine the graph.

mpf.plot(apple, type='candle', style='charles',
            title='Apple, 2017- 2019',
            ylabel='Price ($)',
            ylabel_lower='Shares \nTraded') 

4 – Analysis and Statistics

100 Day moving average

#100 Day Moving Average
apple['100d_ma'] = apple['Adj Close'].rolling(window = 100, min_periods = 0).mean()
#Remove NaN-Values


ax1 = plt.subplot2grid((6,1),(0,0), rowspan = 4, colspan = 1)
ax2 = plt.subplot2grid((6,1),(4,0), rowspan = 2, colspan = 1, sharex = ax1)

ax1.plot(apple.index, apple['Adj Close'])
ax1.plot(apple.index, apple['100d_ma'])
ax2.fill_between(apple.index, apple['Volume'])


Additional Key Statistics

#Percentage Change
apple['PCT_Change'] = (apple['Close'] - apple['Open']) / apple['Open']
#High Low Percentage - How volatile the stock is
apple['HL_PCT'] = (apple['High'] - apple['Low']) / apple['Close'] 

5 – Regression Lines

The Linear Regression Line is mainly used to determine trend direction

Load financial data

start = dt.datetime(2016,1,1)
end = dt.datetime(2019,1,1)

apple = web.get_data_yahoo('AAPL',start,end, interval='d')
data = apple['Adj Close']

#Quantify our dates in order to be able to use them as X-values
x =

#Use Numpy to create a linear regression line
fit = np.polyfit(x, data.values, 1)
fit1d = np.poly1d(fit)

Plot the graph

plt.plot(data.index, data.values, 'b')
plt.plot(data.index, fit1d(x),'r')

Setting the time frame

rstart = dt.datetime(2018,7,1)
rend = dt.datetime(2019,1,1)

#Create a new data frame and cut off all other data entries
fit_data = data.reset_index()
pos1 = fit_data[fit_data.Date >= rstart].index[0]
pos2 = fit_data[fit_data.Date <= rend].index[-1]

fit_data = fit_data.iloc[pos1:pos2]

Rewrite the function

dates =

fit = np.polyfit(dates, fit_data['Adj Close'], 1)
fit1d = np.poly1d(fit)

plt.plot(data.index, data.values, 'b')
plt.plot(fit_data.Date, fit1d(dates), 'r')

The slope is negative, since the prices go down in that time frame.

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