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  • Access FTP server to find for source code
  • Inspect port 80 and look for PHP Type Juggling vulnerability
  • Gain access to server and use Burpsuite to explore requests
  • Use LFI to gain user’s hash
  • Use John to crack hash
  • Check sudo permissions to gain root access


Run nmap scan to find for open ports.

Port 80

Run a gobuster scan to find for hidden directories.



Let’s check the FTP server

Get both files



We get some credentionals

Tried the creds but still same

Looking at the source code above we can see that it uses a strpcmp.

I found a clue online.

Edit and resend the request header with adding the array like this.

Access gained.

We are able to get files from the server.

Let’s intercept with burpsuite

Let’s use File Inclusion/Path traversal scripts to test.

Found the passwd file.

Let’s crack the hash with John.

SSH into the webadmin user.


Access gained.

Found the user flag

Check sudo permissions.

No permissions in the notes folder.

Privilege escalation

Head back to home folder and use sudo permision with notes to gain a root shell.

Final flag is found.

Bse64 both flages to get the encrypted flags.

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