LetsDefend : Malicious Doc

Analyze malicious .doc file

File link: https://app.letsdefend.io/download/downloadfile/factura.zip/
Password: infected

NOTE: Do not open on your local environment. It is malicious file.

Tools used:

  • VirusTotal
  • AnyRun sandbox

Upload the malware in VirusTotal and examine the report. A through examination can be seen with the detection, details, relations and behaviors tabs. To have a more graphically examination the AnyRun sandbox environment can be a good addition.

Question 1

What type of exploit is running as a result of the relevant file running on the victim machine?

Question 2

What is the relevant Exploit CVE code obtained as a result of the analysis?

Question 3

What is the name of the malicious software downloaded from the internet as a result of the file running?

Question 4

What is the ip address and port information it communicates with?

Question 5
What is the exe name it drops to disk after it runs?

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