Download machine from here

Start by identifying the victim IP with netdiscover.

Run a nmap scan to look for open ports.

Port 80 and a type ssh port 4512 is open

Head to website and it is run by a wordpress site.

Let’s use wpscan to scan for users.

wpscan –url –enumerate u

3 Users found

Let’s use wpscan again with c0ldd user.

wpscan –url –passwords /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt –usernames c0ldd

password found

Login to the wordpress site and head to the editor section. Upload a php revershell on the header section. Start up netcat too.

Reload the main site again and access is gained.

Look at the wp-config.php file and get user credentials.

Use the python shell exploit to gain and shell and switch user.

Find the first flag.


Sudo -l to find what we can use to exploit.

Head to gtfobins to find the exploit.

sudo vim -c ':!/bin/sh'

Head to the root folder to get the final flag.


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