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RickdiculouslyEasy :1



  • Explore the various ports to find flags
  • FTP server can be accessed anonymously for a flag
  • Web server enumeration will lead to a password and flag
  • Use command injection to find users
  • Access a user and examine other users files
  • Transfer other user’s file to attacking machine to find for clues
  • Create a password list with the clues given
  • Check sudo permissions for privelidge exploitation
  • Use Hacktricks for root access


Run nmap scan to find for open ports.

FTP Server

Able to access it annoymously.

Found a flag.

Port 9090

Found a flag

Unable to do much with he website as there is no login or password input.

Port 13337

Port 60000

Netcat into the port to find a flag

Port 80

Run a gobuster scan to find for hidden directories.


Let’s test for command injection.

Able to find a password list but when we cat we get a literal picture of a cat.

Tried to use alternatives like head and tail and no luck.

Use the tail command to check for users.


Found a flag.

Found a password in the source code.


Let’s try to ssh into the summer user with the password found.

access gained

Found a flag

Head to the Morty directory and there are two files. Let’s send this file over to the attacking machine to examine.

In the attacking machine , I use cat on the image to find a password.

Use that password to unzip the zipped file and you will get a cluse and a flag.

Head to RickSanchez folder and get the safe file into your attacking machine. Run the executable and use the previous flag number as an argument.

we get a flag and a clue for a password

Cracking Rick’s password

I googled Rick’s band.

Now we need to generate a passwordlist that contains clues given to us.

Let’s use maskprocessor aka m64 to generate a wordlist

After some time I’m unable to get the password. I tried again with capital letters for the band’s name.

Cracked the password !

ssh into the new user

Check for sudo permissions

Privilege escalation

Used hacktricks for some clues.

Root accessed gained.

Found a flag in the root folder

Flags Obtained

  • FLAG{Whoa this is unexpected} – 10 Points
  • FLAG{Yeah d- just don’t do it.} – 10 Points
  • FLAG {There is no Zeus, in your face!} – 10 Points
  • FLAG:{TheyFoundMyBackDoorMorty} – 10Points
  • FLAG{Flip the pickle Morty!} – 10 Points
  • FLAG{Get off the high road Summer!} – 10 Points
  • FLAG: {131333} – 20 Points
  • FLAG{And Awwwaaaaayyyy we Go!} – 20 Points
  • FLAG: {Ionic Defibrillator} – 30 points

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